WS1 8/19(Sun) 14:30~16:00 

WS1-1 What Can Pharmacists Do at A Disaster Site?
WS1-2 Contribution of pharmaceutical graduates to cosmetic companies
WS1-3 Our mission is to deliver pharmaceuticals in Japan.
WS1-4 Entrepreneurship - Pharmapreneurs
pre-PCE(Patients Counselling Event)

WS2 8/19(Sun) 16:30~18:00 

WS2-1 Current and future roles of the board certified oncology
WS2-2 Lifelong learning for pharmacist
WS2-3 Learning about Japanese Pharmaceutical Companies
coming soon...
Separation of dispensing and prescribing (SDP)
Individual CSE(Clinical Skill Event)

WS3 8/20(Mon) 10:30~12:00 

WS3-1 The Olympics and Sports Pharmacists
WS3-2 “How Pharmacies Can Service Healthy People”
WS3-3 Activities of Japanese ICT leading companies in healthcare field
WS3-4 The Cutting Edge of Cancer Research – Approaching towards ”Genome-based Drug Discovery”
WS3-5 Driving Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Contract Research Organisations

WS4 8/21(Tue) 9:00~10:30 

WS4-1 Infection Control ~Antibiotic Resistance and the Proper Usage of Antibiotics~
Coming soon...
Grief Care
Personal branding
Individual CSE(Clinical Skill Event)

WS5/6 8/21(Tue) 13:30~15:00

Learn How Pharmacists Support Patients’ Health through Aromatherapy
Let’s learn about “Kampo” (Japanese traditional herbal medication).
Japanese confectionery
Japanese traditional sports
pre-PCE(Patients Counselling Event)