Symposium is a kind of lecture given by a famous speaker in Japan. There are 4 Symposiums in this event having different topics (“Administration”,” Community Pharmacy”, ” Hospital”, “Culture” ) so that you can see the pharmaceutical field from a wide point of view. All Participants will join symposiums.




Workshop is a lecture with a small group(10-15 people) including debates and practices. It’s consists of  5-6 workshops in the same time(one session), and participants have to choose only one  workshop for each session.  There are 4 main themes (“Hospital”, “Community Pharmacy”, “Other fields”, “culture”) in Workshop to make it easy to choose a workshop according to what participants are interested in.

Field Trip

In Field Trip, participants visit a medical facilities and go sightseeing. There are many routes(“Hospital route”, “Community Pharmacy route” etc….) and participants have to choose only one route.



Night Event

We are going to provide versions kinds of night events almost every night during APPS! Welcome Party, Japanese Night, International Night, and so on…

Why don’t you spend wonderful time with IPSF friends? Let’s enjoy talking, eating, and dancing together!!!