Fujiyoshida City is a central city of the northern foot area of Mt.Fuji. It’s a highland city located in the southeastern part of Yamanashi Prefecture. There is a traditional faith called “Fuji-faith” in the city and the culture is still remained.

Around Mt. Fuji

There are many restaurants and shops and amusement park you can enjoy.
Let’s me introduce some of them.

①Fuji-Q-Highland: It takes about 20 minutes from our dormitory on foot! It’s an amusement park which has many famous coasters and food stands. You can also enjoy a small show, Ferris wheel and so on. I hope you can enjoy there a whole day.

②Fuji-san Station: This is the nearest station from our campus. Around the station, there are many souvenir shops and restaurants. Next to the station, there is a big shopping mole. Of course, there are buses that stop near Lake Kawaguchi and other places.

③Oshino-Hakkai: This is one of the famous tourist spots. It has plenty of water springs and natural ponds, so many tourists visit there.

④Lake Kawaguchi: This is one of the lakes that surround Mt.Fuji. Looking Mt.Fuji from the lake shore is very beautiful. You can ride on a ropeway and a boat. Near the lake, there are a lot of museums that display orgels, teddy bear, and herb.


: Restaurants (McDonald’s, KentuckyFried Chicken, Curry, Okonomiyaki, Yakitori, steak, Japanese style restaurants etc,)
★: Convenience stores
: Karaoke

※The position is not accurate.