Chairperson - Tsubasa Nakagawa   

Dear participants; Welcome to Japan!

First of all, I would like to say I'm really honored that we got to be the host of 17th Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium. APPS is an amazing event that gives us so many experiences, special comrades, and invaluable memories. I also have had a mind-broadening experience and made a progress through the past APPS. Thank you, everyone who gave us a great chance to hold such a brilliant event in Japan.

The theme for APPS in this year is “This is a start. ~be a pioneer in pharmacy~. We believe your experience will let you take the new step toward your future and are certain that your steps push for positive changes in pharmacy practice all around ASIA PACIFIC. Our team are preparing a lot of programs you can learn about pharmacy practice from various perspective that you can get a lot of new ideas and new point of view. The speakers are all the top experts with rich experience in Japan.

Our country; Japan is known in some Japanese cultures (sushi, anime, ninja…) and beautiful cityscape. We will hold this APPS at the foot of Mt, Fuji which is an especially beautiful symbol of Japan. Moreover, we will hold some programs that you can experience Japanese culture. We hope you enjoy not only learning pharmacy practice but also Japanese culture.

Finally, I sincerely appreciate everyone, especially SHOWA University, warm supporting our APPS. Please don’t be afraid to join us, we can get to know about each other across the border without language. Let’s enjoy making new connections and unforgettable memories. You can make them nowhere. Hope all of them who will join our APPS enjoy this event.

Students today, Pharmacists tomorrow.

Viva la pharmacie!

Vice chairperson - Takahiro Koma   

Hello everyone. I'm really glad that you are interested in APPS 2018 Japan.

I am Takahiro Koma, the vice chairperson of APPS 2018.

More than 5 years have passed since APPS 2013 held in Japan last time. In this 5 years, various technologies were developed in the world, and there were so many changes in the world, of course in Japan, too.

We should have our big dreams in this changing world, but we also should look into the future to grow into by cooperating with each other.

During APPS 2018, we are going to talk with participants about various viewpoints, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and pharmacies, and we are preparing to be APPS 2018 as our new starts, as it is on the theme “This is a start”.

All the staff are looking forward to you from the bottom of our hearts, from the foot of Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan.

Registration officer - Erika Yasuda   

Hi, I’m Erika, the registration officer of APPS 2018 in Japan. My job is to take care of participants’ lives during APPS. We have many interesting workshop

s and Japanese culture events that even Japanese students cannot really experience easily at their university. Also, the venue of APPS is at the foot of the Mt.Fuji. I guess you will be impressed by that beautiful scenery. Why don’t you come to Japan and learn about pharmacy and Japanese culture? I’m sure you will find it exciting. See you in Japan!

Products officer - Kanako Asano    

Hello! I am Kanako Asano, the products officer.
We, the products team prepares a lot of plans that make you an opportunity to start something exciting, like the theme for the 2018 APPS “This is a start”.

Why don’t you want to seize an opportunity to start something by listening to the lecturers who are actively involved as a pharmacist and in the pharmaceutical company?
Of course, we will prepare many plans through which you can experience Japanese culture!
Looking forward to seeing you at the foot of Mt. Fuji!!

Reception officer - Kana Koinuma   

Hi, APROers! My name is Kana, a head of reception(party) team of APPS 2018 Japan. I promise you to provide wonderful nights! Let’s enjoy Japanese traditional atmosphere and share our culture each other through night events!! I’m looking forward to seeing you here in Japan.

Academic officer - Momoko Nishiguchi   

I am Momoko Nishiguchi, the academic officer in APPS 2018 ! !
This is my second time to participate in APPS, following the last time in Bangkok.

In this time I hope we can excite everyone as a staff member, not as just a participant! ! ! APPS can provide you not only enjoyable and interesting programs, but also good opportunities to make friends with people all over the world.

Please feel Japan a lot!

PST officer - Kaho Hosoi

My name is Hosoi Kaho. I'm working as a PST officer.

We are planning lots of activities that give you nice memories in Tokyo and other places. I'm sure you'll be able to fascinate by both of past and present Japanese culture through this trip!

Before you go back to your county, why don't you have a wonderful time in Tokyo, the beautiful, interesting and unique city!
We are looking forward to meeting you at PST!!

LIT officer - Remi Myokai

LIT is a program through which you can acquire skills that are required to pharmacy students as leaders, with various workshops.

We are sure that spending three days on LIT with the students from other countries will be an invaluable experience for you.

In addition, you will have the connection with members of LIT in also APPS, and you will cooperate with each other so that all the students can improve their skills. From your country to all over the world, be a pioneer in the pharmacy. We are looking forward to seeing you.